Posted by: comingworldwar3 | October 8, 2010

Bombshell! 1-world government by 2025

Bombshell! 1-world government by 2025

U.S., EU elitists push for single common political authority

Posted: October 03, 2010
10:21 pm Eastern

Do you still doubt that globalization is an agenda for global governance?

If so, consult a new report just published by the U.S. National Intelligence Council in conjunction with the European Union Institute for Securities Studies, titled “Global Governance 2025: At a Critical Junction,” Jerome Corsi’s Red Alert reports.

Upon studying the 69-page document, Corsi noted the conclusion is inescapable that the U.S. and EU intelligence apparatus is setting the stage for one-world government by 2025.

The document presumes globalism is unstoppable, driven by free-trade economics, and that the United States has no choice but to compromise sovereignty to accommodate the demands of the globalism.

Interdependence has been a feature of economic globalization for many years, but the rise of China, India, Brazil, and other fast-growing economies has taken economic interdependence to a new level,” the document states. “The multiple links among climate change and resource issues; the economic crisis; and state fragility – ‘hubs’ of risks for the future – illustrate the interconnected nature of challenges on the international agenda today.”

“The words in bold in the above paragraph were printed in bold in the document, evidently so the reader did not lose sight of the point that we are all tied together in a common globe in which nation states are not to be taken as the primary unit of analysis,” Corsi wrote. “So, in addition to free trade and a global economy, the U.S. and EU intelligence apparatus sees virtually every other major public policy issue as a reason for global governance, not as an arena in which individual nation states bear the responsibility for solutions particular to their sovereign people.”

He noted that any crisis – for instance a starvation crisis in Africa, or a flu epidemic in Canada – would be taken as international catastrophe requiring a global governance solution.

For more information on plans for global governance by 2025, read Jerome Corsi’s Red Alert, the premium, online intelligence news source by the WND staff writer, columnist and author of the New York Times No. 1 best-seller, “The Obama Nation.”

Red Alert’s author, who received a doctorate from Harvard in political science in 1972, is the author of the No. 1 New York Times best-sellers “The Obama Nation” and (with co-author John E. O’Neill) “Unfit for Command.” He is also the author of several other books, including “America for Sale,” “The Late Great U.S.A.” and “Why Israel Can’t Wait.” In addition to serving as a senior staff reporter for WorldNetDaily, Corsi is a senior managing director in the financial-services group at Gilford Securities.



  1. Actually to me I do not know whether it will work due to the many cultures religions unless it is the economy which will make us unite and be one with peace

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