Posted by: comingworldwar3 | February 11, 2013

Exposing the Pagan Roots of Evolution

This is a sourced power-point lecture by a converted evolutionist professor. It’s also the missing link that you never really hear discussed in the emotionally charged Creation v Evolution debate today. The truth is there is no debate, it’s an open/shut case when observed through the lens of historical fact:

The ‘evolution theory’ is purely a political weapon used to shut down Man’s awakening to his true potential which began with the spread of the revelation of Christ as the promised Savior which all the world was waiting for (not just Israel, see and the resurrection as recorded in the New Testament and circulated across the world leading to an explosion in literacy, science and wealth/middle-class resulting in a political power-shift away from the wealthy satanic elite minority who desperately tried but could not stamp out Christianity. So how did the empire strike back? It co-opted Christianity, perverted it, gave us the fake “Enlightenment” cooked up by a Jesuit priest (Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati), Secular Humanism, and Socialism based on the idea that there is no God, you are just an animal with no soul, obey the State as the highest authority. Now look around you: illiteracy/ignorance is up, ‘science’ is faked to serve Global politics and transnational corporations, more people are on welfare and unemployed and it’s only getting worse while Europe burns with austerity measures, Civil rights and personal freedoms are in tatters.. It worked wonderful.

This lecture gives a major behind-the-scenes look at how this disaster got rolling, particularly focusing on the historical episode of Freemasonic infiltration/control of the Royal Society, repackaging ancient pagan philosophy as ‘science’ and foisting it on the world through academia with the help of violent Socialist revolutions across Europe, Russia and China while using more Fabian methods in America and Britain.

Drop-out Darwin was a poster-boy from a wealthy, upper-crust family with major connections and whose family intermarried with the Huxleys — the same Huxleys that gave us Aldous (‘Brave New World’ author, Socialist) and Sir Julian (Socialist, Eugenics advocate, founder and first director of UNESCO who codified the standard Neo-Darwinistic dogma and used the UN to enforce world-wide standards in academia set up by self-appointed experts, etc) — who palmed off his Masonic grand-father’s (Erasmus Darwin) hodge-podge theory (based on ancient pagan philosophy) as something new. The theory was anything but new as C. Darwin later admitted and this lecture shows, but that didn’t matter so long as unlimited money was thrown at it and countless jobs and institutions were established or reformed to make this old religion the new science, and Human’s made in the image of God on equal footing with kings and priests became apish slaves to their Social betters (who brainwashed them into believing so). Those against the new State religious dogma were killed off (often in the bloody revolutions in Russia and China, etc) or decried as heretics and squeezed out of a job/position of influence (as in the academia-media propaganda apparatus in the West). The Socialists needed evolution as the backbone to sell their world-view and evolution needed Socialism to force it into the public mind via compulsory learning and media support. I would also suggest reading “America’s Secret Establishment” by the late Prof. Antony Sutton to get a better idea of how the world is run by a minority class through centralized control of power and is not as far-fetched an idea as, surprise surprise, the media and ‘scholars’ make it sound (ebook free online).



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