Posted by: comingworldwar3 | July 28, 2013

OIL WARS: The deadliest conflicts of modern times

When the late Venezualan President Hugo Chavez died, the U.S. was happy, for he lived in a country that had a vast amount of oil reserves and he didn’t allow the U.S. to control any of it. Very recently it has been confirmed that the British-owned Falkland Islands, in Argentinian territory has oil reserves that outweigh’ Saudi Arabia’ and countries that have vast oil reserves and don’t hand it over to Western states and their oil companies, are either bombed into submission (Iraq and Libya) or are either threatened with war (Iran). Many of the major wars in Africa are over its oil reserves (Mali, Sudan and Nigeria) and as oil companies want to expand their empires, they will continue to encourage Western governments to invade countries and make the world more and more unstable. The wars for oil are one of the most sad and devastating conflicts of our times.


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