Posted by: comingworldwar3 | September 4, 2013

Syria will not give in to attack threats ‘even if there is WW III: Syria official

Syria will not give in to attack threats ‘even if there is WW III: Syria official

Wed Sep 4, 2013 2:1PM GMT


Syrian deputy foreign minister has said that Damascus will not give in to threats of a US-led military strike against his country, even if World War III breaks out.

Faisal al-Miqdad said in an exclusive interview with AFP on Wednesday that the Syrian government has taken “every measure” to counter a potential foreign aggression.

“Syria has taken every measure to retaliate against … an aggression,” Miqdad said without elaborating, adding, “The Syrian government will not change position even if there is World War III. No Syrian can sacrifice the independence of his country.”

He also stated that Syria is mobilizing its allies ahead of a possible foreign military intervention.

Miqdad’s remarks come as US President Barack Obama is trying to convince the Congress to approve a strike against Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons. The French parliament is also debating the issue.

Washington says it has obtained evidence proving that the Syrian army was behind a chemical attack near Damascus on August 21, which killed hundreds of Syrians.

Russia, however, has dismissed as unconvincing the evidence presented by the US about chemical weapons use by the Syrian government.

The Syrian government has repeatedly said that the deadly attack was carried out by the militants in a bid to draw in foreign military intervention.

US President Barack Obama delayed an imminent military strike against Syria on August 31 to seek approval for the move from the Congress, which will debate the issue when lawmakers return from recess on September 9. The Obama administration has, however, said it “has the right” to attack Syria even if the Congress does not approve the measure.


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