Posted by: comingworldwar3 | October 27, 2013

The Mass – Sun Worship Ceremony

During the mass of the Catholic Church, the priest on the sun altar raises a round wafer with both hands. Monstrance to keep the round wafer is all made to have the image of the sun. Ancient sun-worshipers offered round bread to the sun-god. The Catholic Church offers round bread to the sun altar to worship the sun during the mass.



  1. As one who was born and raised as a catholic I find it so wearisome to see how much Catholic -bashing there is around today!! Jesus can guide, reach out and speak to Catholics, much the same as he can with any other Christian denomination! I am blessed to be a Bible -believing ‘born again’ labelled Christian, these days. I am also a watchman, very aware of what is coming upon the world!
    Whatever erroneous teachings and practices there are in the Catholic Church, for the humble, penitent, thirsting Jesus- loving Catholic, who attends mass and communion, Jesus will graciously meet with that soul at their point of need! I remember precious moments such as this! I have not been in a Catholic Church for over thirty years now, but I understand the dearly loved people in my family who do. I am very happy to share my Christian beliefs with anyone who is happy to listen..but there are positive ways of doing this! If we have a good relationship with Jesus we will surely reach out in love and truth to people rather than in an antagonistic way. One thing I know to be true, when Christian persecution becomes really bad, there will be many Jesus -loving ‘catholics’ amongst them. Many of them have already lost their lives in various missionary out backs around the world.

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