Posted by: comingworldwar3 | June 4, 2014

X-Men and the Gay Agenda

Is it true that X-Men directors and writers see the term “X-Men” as a code word for “gay” in the X-Men movies? Are they using diabolical subterfuge to shove gay propaganda down the throats of our children?

Find out how X-Men director Bryan Singer, who stands accused of pedophilia and child rape, has used the series to indoctrinate young boys into a gay life style.



  1. I am a homosexual and I do not condone pedophilia or any acts of that nature. One bad “fruit” (lol) doesn’t always spoil the whole bunch… This article was written in 2008 when Francis was asked about the alleged quotes taken from his book, he clearly disagrees with the mentioned quote and asks people to refer to his book for what he was really talking about. Later he mentions that he is confident that within a few years some sort of gene could possibly be found to which would explain homosexuality. I know for a fact I didn’t choose to be gay.
    Aside from that, the whole X-man scenario… A lot of people around the world struggle every day with coming out to friends and family about being gay, so much so that they even attempt or succeed in committing suicide. If this movie can help people realize that coming out and being gay is okay than I hope it helps a lot of people.
    I don’t want to dismiss your video as pure nonsense as you are entitled to your opinion (its not like I can disprove the allegations against the producer or anything), but the only thing I want to get across is that I only hope we as a society can focus more on the positive things in life and as to help and live with one another peacefully weather we are black, white, gay, straight, short, tall, skinny, fat, american, korean, christian, muslim, etc… Saying that a movie is intended to “recruit” men to becoming gay and promotes pedophilia and a bunch of other negative things can potentially be more harmful than looking at the brighter side of the picture (especially without looking at all the facts).

    “If god is perfect, all knowing and all powerful, and created everything with divine intention to exist in harmony with all other things, including you, exactly as he wanted all things to be than are you not perfect in the eyes of god?” ~ Murray McCarthy

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